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The railroads sell nearly 750 000 B-excursion tickets (train + amusement park, train + museum, etc.), including 150 000 train + rental bike tickets or only bike location.

Objectives :
The objective of SNCB (the Belgian national railroad company) is to offer tourists an alternative, and of course to capture new customers. The objective of the rentals is also to be profitable in themselves.

Methods :

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 B-excursions guides

Descriptionde l’offre :

The customer can buy his B-Excursion + rental bike ticket at the railroad station, and also reserve a bike. A round trip must be completed on the same day.  The price varies according to the distance (3 zones), from 11.70€ to 20.30 € for a 7-gear tour bike, or from 17.40€ to 28.10€ for a land bike for the one and only station offering them. A security deposit of 12.5 € is charged. The bike must be returned no later than 30 minutes before the train leaves, in order to allow the return formalities to be carried out.

The customer chooses his itinerary either on his own or according to the advice of the B-excursion guide published by SNCB.

Organisation :





SNCB + bike company 

SNCB + bike company

The product was designed by SNCB. The 400 bikes in 13 railway stations (10 to 90 per station) belong to SNCB, thanks to a leasing agreement signed with an outside company which supplied them and performs the necessary maintenance work every two weeks or once a month.

The rental is taken care of by the station employees in charge of the baggage department or sales. In the region of Limburg (Flanders), the rental is managed by an association, two train stations are involved.

In order to enable passengers to reserve a bike at any ticket window, an IT application has been developed.

Funding : 

The leasing agreement allows to use a mattering park without having to assure the maintenance by the staff SNCB (the SNCB does not however become an owner of cycles at the end of the agreement, these must have returned to the owner after two or three years.

Communication :

The web site of SNCB has a full page on train + rental bike tickets.
A brochure B-Excursion numbering nearly 100 pages details the tours that can be undertaken starting from the rental stations.

Résults :

- Strengths: The prices are simple and competitive. Sales are significant (15500 a year) but concentrated in tourist areas.

- Weaknesses: The number of sales is stagnating. Some regret that there are so few train stations participating. Initially there were 35 of them, but they were more or less used by tourists, so that the bikes were unevenly used.

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billets train + location en Belgique

Contact : Jean Darcis, SNCB, jean.darcis@b-rail.be. Sur internet le site http://www.b-excursions.be.