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Copenhagen: S-tog, the subsidiary of the DSB railroad company in charge of rail transport in the city, renewed all its trains a few years ago. And all the new trains have a low floor and a large modular area that can hold 7 bikes on the ground with a wheel attachment, but is also planned for wheelchairs and strollers. This well-designed area is greatly appreciated by customers.

Objectives :
The objective of this offer is to make the trains accessible to all, as well as to provide customers with the alternative of taking their bike along on the train (leisure, rain, etc.).

Methods :

Espace modulable - Photo
Modular spaces

Descriptiondof the offer :

Taking one’s bike along by train is possible without restrictions, aside from the rush hours at the Nørreport station and the space available. The service is paying; cyclist tickets are available at the windows and automatic ticketing machines, and there is a pass («Cykel Klippekort» on the photograph) at a cost of 20€ per month.

Once inside the train (after waiting no more than ten minutes, as the trains come at very regular intervals), the cyclist must wait while seated passengers move to other free seats, after which he simply places his bike in the claws fixed below the jump seats (see photographs: wider claws are provided for land bikes: bottom photograph). The train can be entered through wide floor-level doors. The area is directly to the right of the entrance.

Espace modulable - Photo
Modular spaces

Organisation :




S-tog, a subsidiary of DSB

S-tog +  company 


S-tog is a subsidiary of the national railway company, DSB (Danske StatsBaner), inside which there is a department in charge of bike matters.

 The call for tenders included a modular area. The winner had provided a broad area, in particular by widening the train at the level of the jump seats (in fact, some components of the tracks had to be moved in order to allow these wider trains to run).

As this area is not really separate from the rest of the train and as the system used to attach the bikes is very simple, there are no special maintenance problems.

Funding : 

No special funding, these are new trains, not renovated ones, the area is part of the overall price of the train. A bike tickets costs 10dkr, 1.3€.

Communication :

All the trains carry an absolutely enormous logo (see photograph above).

Espace modulable - Photo

Résults :

- Strengths : It is very simple, and even pleasant, to carry one’s bike onto the S-tog. There is no obstacle in the cyclist’s way. The ticket can be purchased just like a passenger ticket, access to the platforms is facilitated by troughs,  access to the train by the low floor and wide doors, access to the area by the absence of doors between the entrance and the modular area.

The system is therefore very popular, particularly outside of rush hours, when cyclists account for a much larger proportion of passengers than at rush hour.

                                   "Cyclist ticket"      
                                                                                        Détail  d'une accroche

- Weaknesses : The area is so successful that often non-cycling customers sit there (user-friendliness and broad view) when there are empty seats elsewhere.

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Contacts : Jens Lerager, S-tog, jlerager@s-tog.dsb.dk - Marie Roloff,  S-tog, mroloff@s-tog.dsb.dk

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