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Amsterdam, the capital of Holland, numbered 750 000 people in 2006 and the modal share of bikes in the city centre was over 50%! The railway station is surrounded by bicycles and the city is attempting to solve the saturation problems by installing additional free parking. The use of a ferry as a parking facility for 250 bikes is a striking example.

Objectives :
The objective of the city of Amsterdam is to contain the cyclist « chaos » which now exists in the vicinity of the railroad station. There is little room for this, since the station is surrounded by water. Hence the idea of gaining ground over the water.

Methods :

Ferry, near the entry of the railstation

Description of the offer :

The ferry parking facility is no more than a ferry outfitted to accommodate 400 bikes. The facility is free of charge and located about 50 m from the first railway platforms.

On the other side of the railway station, on a canal, the city built a three-tier platform equipped with a bike path with parking space for 2500 bikes.

The third level of the bike plateform on the cancal (2500 bikes) 

Organisation :




City + Bas Kohler Studio

City + Bas Kohler Studio


The city came up with the idea of using the ferry as a bike park and the Bas Kohler Studio (architects) designed the facility.


As a general rule in Holland, the city, the central government and the provinces each contribute one-third of the total cost of the investment. In the case of the ferry park, the city of Amsterdam paid the full cost of construction and maintenance. This facility is free and does not generate any return.

Communication :

A few articles were published on the internet in connection with the opening of the ferry. No other communication actions were undertaken. Once the modal share of cyclism exceeds a certain critical mass, a well-situated bike park operates as a bike « vacuum cleaner », just as a car park does.

Résults :
- Strengths : Free of charge for users, close to the railway station, makes room on the public highway, aesthetic and innovative aspect.

- Weaknesses : There are a certain number of barnacle bikes (this is a nationwide problem: 23% of the parked bikes have been abandoned). 

Around the railway station: barnacle bikes next to personalised bikes

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parking vélo dans un ferry

 : Caroline Vonk, c.vonk@ivv.amsterdam.nl - le studio Bas Kohler: http://www.studiobaskohler.nl