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            The radroutenplaner is a web site on which to search for an itinerary in order to plan a bicycle tour in NordRhein-Westphalia (a state covering 34.084 km² and numbering 18.1 million people in 2004). The site also offers a « public transportation + bike » search in order to allow the user to access the starting point and return from the arrival point. The main assets of this very successful site (850 000 connections daily) are a user-friendly interface (direct search on the map) and a large database.

Objectives :
The objective of the site was to develop the use of bikes and touring by bike in a state whose approach to the matter is very dynamic, by allowing users to plan their bike tour. The « public transportation + bike » option was added after the site was launched, as an additional service. There is no commercial objective.

Methods :
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Descriptionof the offer :

The website, http://www.radroutenplaner.nrw.de, includes, besides the itinerary search engine, a large number of informative headings, particularly on bike touring (« sights to see », « tours chosen by ADFC » (the German cyclists’ association), links, etc.). The search engine itself was designed to be simple to use.

The search for itineraries is carried out using the departure and return addresses, or by locating the departure and return points directly on the map. By activating the « Bike & Ride » option, the user can place « Bike & Ride » departure and arrival points and the site then calculates the access to the tour’s departure point and the return from the arrival point, using  the bike together with public transportation. NRW trains and buses accept bikes free of charge (usually 2 bikes per bus).

Organisation :




Ministry of transportation of NRW (NordRhein Westphalia)

Ministry of transportation of  NRW/  IVV, Aachen

 IVV (Aachen)

     The Ministry of Transportation of the state of NordRhein-Westphalia (NRW) (let us recall that Germany is a federal republic) wished to use the data collected at the time that the state’s network of bike paths was established.  6 months went by between the moment when the idea for this site came up in 2003 and its publication on the internet. The Ministry called on IVV, an engineering company in Aachen specialising in transportation and traffic.

The public transportation + bike option was added simply by connecting the servers. The request is sent to the site’s server, which sends it to the public transportation server, and the latter sends back the timetables.

Funding : 

The Ministry of Transportation of NRW funds all the costs of designing and developing the site (improvements, etc.). It invested a total amount of 900 000€ between 2003 and April of 2008.

Communication :

Communication for this product is limited to links from other web sites. The site has become known through « word of mouth ».

Résults :

- Strengths :In May 2008 there were as many as 850 000 connections a day. The site has registered a total of 220 million connections since it was opened. A permanent online survey has received 5000 answers, 90% of which found the Radroutenplaner « good » or « very good ». The success of the site is no doubt due to its simplicity, its user-friendliness and the large amount of additional information supplied, such as grades, travel times, the nature of the roadway, GPS data, aerial views, etc.

- Weaknesses : Sometimes the Bike & Ride option does not work, independently of the calculation of the itinerary of the bike tour. The managers of the radroutenplaner do not control the public transportation server. Sometimes one has to wait quite a long time for the results to be displayed (due to the large amount of data to be downloaded)

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Contacts : http://www.radroutenplaner.nrw.de, Peter London of the Ministry of Transportation of NRW,  Peter.London@mbv.nrw.de, http://www.radverkehrsnetz.nrw.de for the NRW network of bike paths - Société IVV-Aachen http://www.ivv-aachen.de