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The Stuttgart Radroutenplaner allows users to plan a trip via public transportation+bike inside the city. One of the main assets of this site is a very complete, user-friendly database (door-to-door search, result on a map, aerial view, animation, other details). Another asset consists in offering three options: bike only, bike parked, bike taken along via public transportation.

Objectives :
       Develop the use of bicycles in the city.


Website -Radroutenplaner

Description of the offer  :

The Radroutenplaner, accessible at the address http://www.vvs.de/radroutenplaner ou http://www.stuttgart.de/radroutenplaner, is easy to use. One simply chooses a departure point and an arrival point, either on a map, by giving an address or by indicating a site (see photograph below), and then the form of transportation (bike only, « Bike & Ride », which involves parking the bike, or bike transport). Several schedules are then proposed and detailed.

Website -Radroutenplaner
Choose the departure or arrival address by giving a simple address, using the map or entering an « important point ».

Organisation :




City of Stuttgart + VVS

City + VVS

VVS + city

In February of 2007 the city of Stuttgart entrusted its idea for a Radroutenplaner to the company in charge of coordinating transportation in Stuttgart, i.e. VVS (Verkehrs und Tarifverbund Stuttgart GmbH). The latter implemented it. The bicycle+public transportation connection was vital from the start, and was expected to bring new customers to the city’s 40 train and bus companies.

Setting up the site implied one person full-time for a year for the integration of the data supplied by the city (street names, bicycle itineraries, ground plans and aerial views, grades, other information), the internet presentation and the search engine algorithm (the DIVA/EFA system by mdv, Mentz Datenverarbeitung).

Funding : 

The city of Stuttgart and VVS each bore 50% of the costs, totalling 50 000 euros. Each year, they devote 12 000 euros to the updating of the data and technology.

Communication :

There was little communication when the product was launched (local press, internet links), but the site very soon created a national and international stir.

Résults :

- Strengths :
500 visitors daily benefit from a complete and reliable database. The presentation of the data is very user-friendly, including in particular an aerial view, a Mappy-type itinerary, grades, GPS data and even an animation. An English version is also available. This application, which is presently developed on the scale of a city, is expected to be extended shortly to the entire area.

- Weaknesses : None identified.

Radroutenplaner website
Radroutenplaner website

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Radroutenplaner Stuttgart

Contacts : http://www.radroutenplaner-stuttgart.de, http://www.vvs.de, Volker Torlach de VVS : Torlach@vvs.de