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The web site of the DB offers a high-performing door-to-door search engine for Europe, with a « bike transport » option. The site, which is multilingual, lists 25 000 railroad stations and even allows the user to define an itinerary by entering a departure and arrival address anywhere in Europe. It also provides high-density information concerning the rail offers of the various European countries.

Objectives :
The objective is to attract customers. The bike option was added by the bike mission of the DB Fernverkehr (main lines).

Methods :


Description of the offer :

The door-to-door itinerary search engine may be accessed easily from the http://www.db.de web site. The latter is available in 9 languages. The user can then click on the « bikes accepted » option, which will provide only trains accessible to bikes. Moreover, the search engine indicates the distances to be covered on foot, with a map and a description of the itinerary if one clicks on the « on foot » option, but also all the connections at stations along the way, as well as various other information.

Organisation :




Bike mission of DB Fernverkehr



The DB Fernverkehr is a company belonging to the DB holding company which manages the main lines. It includes a bike mission numbering several people, which is at the origin of the « bike accepted » option. The implementation at the IT level was carried out with another department of the DB using the database management system perfected by HAFAS (a German company).
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Funding : 

The cost has been supported by the DB.

Communication :

The user clicks on the bike option in the itinerary search page, so most of the web surfers who use the website to look for an itinerary see that possibility.

Résults :

- Strengths : A very large database, sometimes better informed about certain countries than the sites of those countries themselves. The site is very reliable as regards train schedules, as well as trains that do or do not accept bikes, and provides useful information concerning bike transport (whether or not space is limited, whether or not a reservation is necessary, other).

- Weaknesses : None, except for the display of a  « walking itinerary » after clicking on the « bikes accepted » box, and the regular bugs on addresses and itineraries outside Germany (but this depends on the data supplied by other countries).

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DB internet - door-to-door search

Contacts : M.Michaël Eckenweber, DB Fernverkehr - michael.eckenweber@bahn.de - Silke Ahrens,  DB Fernverkehr - silke.ahrens@bahn.de