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Coire in French, Chur in German: the capital of the canton of Graubunden in German-speaking Switzerland (174 000 people in 1990) recently equipped itself with a very modern underground “Velostation” (bike park) offering 270 spaces. The interest of this product lies mainly in the fact that, in addition to the practical aspect (proximity of the platforms, security, etc.), it presents a certain degree of architectural refinement which enhances this underground parking facility with glassed-in openings.

Objectives :
- The objective pursued by the city of Chur, with its plan aimed at providing  bike parking facilities in the vicinity of the railroad station (which is part of a broader plan aimed at remodelling the vicinity of the station), was to allow cyclists to park their bikes otherwise than in the « Bike chaos » observed until then. The work began in 2004.

- The objective of the Velostation in itself is to provide a secure parking.

Methods :

Vélostation Chur
 Chur/Coire - Bike park

Description of the offer :

The bike park offers secure parking (270 spaces) with access by a pass or single-use ticket (automatic vending machine) and video surveillance, as well as auxiliary services: a tyre-inflating station, a recharging station for electric bikes, lockers and an inner tube dispenser. Access to the bike park is by a sloping ramp. At the exit, the customer goes directly into the corridors of the railway station.

There is a sliding door which opens with a chip or a season-ticket: it can be the “dr BUS vu CHUR” one (city bus card). There is no human attendance but an interphone in case of problem.

Organisation :




Pro Vélo Suisse (cyclists’ association) + City of Chur + architect (GU Implenia AG)

“Canton” + City of Chur +
GU Implenia AG

Bicycle shop + MIBAG society

Pro Vélo Suisse, the national cyclists’ association, has prepared a Bike Park plan “Velostation” in which CFF does not participate because of its lack of profitability. However, cities are often interested by the concept and work in partnership with the association for the construction of bike parks. The largest is that of the Basel railroad station (1590 spaces for a population of 164 000).

The society GU Implenia AG of Chur realized the Velostation. The architect Conradin Clauvuot wished wide glasses to improve the secure feeling. The society MIBAG services and cleans the Bike Park.

Funding  : graphique de financement

The cost of Chur’s Ottostrasse underground bike park is 1.10 million CHF/Swiss Francs, or 4000 CHF per space (700 000€ / 2500€ per space). The city and canton paid for it entirely.

The 150 year-ticket users pay 100 CHF/65 € a year.

Communication :

The communication for this bike park is mainly visual. It is very well located and very visible; it stares passers-by, mainly railway customers, in the face thanks to its glassed-in openings; it also features a logo (« (…)velovelove(…) » ) written on its window panes.
The Word-of-mouth influence is “the good mean” but “needs patience”.

Résults :
- Strengths : A fine architectural achievement, very good visibility and a good location (easy access to the bike park, direct access to the train station). The glassed-in openings both help to promote the product and to create a secure feeling (the place is very busy). There was neither stolen bicycle nor vandalism until then.

-Weaknesses: The bike park is not profitable. The city and canton have paid the costs.

Vélostation Chur

Vélostation Chur

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vélostation Coire-Chur

Contacts : Philipp Schweizer, philipp.schweizer@pro-velo.ch, Pro-Vélo association - Marianne Fässler, marianne.faessler@pro-velo.ch, Pro-Vélo association, in charge of the Vélostation (“Bike Park”) programme (and project manager of the Bike 2 School programme - Christoph Merkli, general secretary of Pro-Vélo Switzerland. igvelo@igvelo.ch.