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Luxembourg: this country of less than a million people has a far from negligible railway network and a sophisticated train + bike policy. One aspect of that policy is the existence of two bike trains, each of which can hold 80 bicycles. These cars can be reserved for a group or for cycle events.

Objectives :
The objective of the government is to promote the use of bikes. The objective of this particular product is to have an offer to large groups.

Methods :

Description of the offer  :

Voiture Vélo Wegman (Source : http://www.rail.lu)

The service is managed by CFL. The groups have to reserve their places five days in advance, independently of the fact that they travel with a bike.
On inquiry, the bike – car is added to the composition of a train and the cyclists reach it in the normal arrival of the train. Car doors are very wide to allow an easy and fast load of bikes.

Organisation :







Funding : 

Both bike cars- are parked looking forward to a revision. Negotiations are in progress as for the mode of financing of these renovations.

Communication :

No communication at all for this product.

Résults :

- Strengths : The system is very flexible for the customer and constitutes a real offer for groups, which otherwise are often refused access to trains (holiday camps, events, etc.). The capacity of the trains is also an asset: for instance, a group numbering 150 people was provided with transportation to Paris.

- Weaknesses: The system lacks flexibility as far as the railroad company is concerned. The cars are aging and their use is limited because there has been no promotion for the product. Lack of financial profitability.

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voitures vélo Luxembourg

Contacts : lvi@velo.lu (Luxembourg cyclists association) - http://www.gar.lu (a site for railroad on which photographs such as that of the Wegmann cars may be found floating around).