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Key figures : carte
- The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg numbers 483 000 people on a surface area of only 2586 km².
- The railway network is very dense, with 275 km of tracks, 262 km of which are electrified. 

-    The Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois (CFL) is in charge of public transport by rail.

Train + bike, strategies :

Les acteurs de la politique train+vélo au Luxembourg

Train + bike, offer :

 This small country’s train + bike offer is very comprehensive, as all the players cooperate in this regard.

Since April 2006 bikes are carried free of charge for all but trans-border trips in all the public transports.

The new trains (2004 - 2007) offer in every ream (train) a compartment for bike transport. At the moment all the trains of the national service accept bikes without hourly limitations.

The CFL aims at equipping all the rail stations with shelters cycles including generally seven places. After renovation the rail station of Luxembourg will offer park-cycles of forty places.

In the area of tourism, the CFL published, in September 2008, a guide published a tourist guide presenting hikes and cyclists of station in station.
 Finally, there are two bike cars for groups. Each of them can carry 80 bikes to the destination requested. They are, however, aging somewhat and no one wants to pay for renovating them.

Also, the city of Luxembourg offers a system of 32 stations with there quite 250 self-service bikes (available by bank card) by the name of « Vel’oh ».

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Contacts : http://www.cfl.lu, http://www.lvi.lu (association), info@lvi.lu, http://www.gar.lu