Interministerial Coordinator
for the Development of Bike Use - FRANCE

An effective alliance between railway transport and bicycle, as an actual active mode, is a much important way of improvement for a better « travel service » - at everyone's disposal.

Thanks to INEXIA – as well as « SNCF Proximités » and the SNCF Group – for having managed, so willingly, a benchmark survey with various railway companies from Europe (and beyond Europe...) about this topic, exceeding generously our first question which, of course, was « bike in train » policies and practices...

INEXIA's work, strict and open-minded, proves to be rich and stimulating. It illustrates an actual potential of innovations and new services experienced in our countries. It allows every company and every player to adopt a renovated ambition – and that is what I intend to do with all stakeholders and partners for the oncoming times.